All interested students, teachers and IT specialists are welcome to the DSL2013 summer school!

Depending on your home institute you may be eligible for funding. Please check if your university is among our Erasmus IP partners. If if is, then you may apply for funding as described in the Funded participants section below. If not, you are welcome as a non-funded participant.

Registration form: registration.pdf

Deadline: April 30, 2013.

Please download, print, fill by hand and send back a scanned version of the registration form to us before 30 April.

The services we offer during the school:

Funded participants

The Erasmus IP project provides funding for students and lecturers from the partner institutes. Students and teachers alike are required to send the completed registration form to the email address. They should mark by underlining the “Erasmus IP partner” option on the registration form.

Additionaly to the list above, we provide accommodation for funded students at the student dormitory for 65 EUR/13 nights. Accommodations are available between July 8 and July 20, additional nights cost 5 EUR/night. Teachers from partner institutes are contacted individually.

These expenses are covered from the Erasmus IP grant offered for students and lecturers. The daily allowance for students is 14 EUR/day, for lecturers is 120 EUR/day (up to 7 days) and 48 EUR/day for any additional days. The lecturers will receive the Erasmus IP grant in advance by bank transfer, based on a prior contract with the Babeş-Bolyai University. The students will receive the funding (168 EUR for 12 days) from the university’s administration, also based on a contract.

The participation fee for a funded student is 168 EUR, which can be paid from the full scholarship.

We provide funding for travel for the project. We reimburse the cost of plane, train or bus tickets. Participants from neighbouring countries (Bulgaria and Hungary) are entitled for a maximum reimbursement of 100 EUR, for Austria and Slovakia the maximum is 200 EUR, for other European countries (Estonia, Netherlands, Portugal, UK) this sum is 300 EUR. Our travel agency partner will buy the tickets, so please register as soon as possible.

Important: Students receiving the Erasmus IP grant are required to stay for the whole event (i.e. 12 days, including travel days). Lecturers are required to stay for a minimum of 7 days.

Non-funded participants

The registration fee for non-funded participants is 200 EUR. This fee does not include accomodation or travel costs; participants are required to make these arrangements for themselves.

Non-funded participants should mark by underlining the “no partnership (not funded)” option on the registration form.